Article (PDF Available)inJournal of Biophysical Chemistry 3(02):183-190 · January 2012


Protein structure modeling using a homologous template is one of many routines that accompany the molecular dynamics simulation for biological material. There are currently two protocols of protein modeling available in Accelrys Discov-ery Studio 2.1, Build Mutants and Build Homol-ogy Modeling protocols. Both are template-ba-sed modeling, but with a different process. In this study, two different templates, 3CKZ and 274Y, have been used to see how much the differences will be made by those two protocols if the templates has significant percentage of identity. Evaluation of structure models has been per-formed using DOPE score, 3D-profile, and PRO-CHECK. The results indicated that Build Mutants Protocols produces more stable structures but has a low reliability values and low quality of stereochemistry when using a template that has a lower percentage of identity. The results also yield more stable, reliable, and higher percentage of residues in most favoured and additionally allowed region for the usage of Build Homology Modeling Protocol on both templates. These observations suggest that Build Homology Modeling protocol is recommended for protein modeling.


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